iphone 3GS confirmed!


It’s been announced! The new iPhone 3GS (the “s” stands for speed) will be out June 19th so get ready everyone – copy & paste and video is here.
So what else is new with the iPhone 3GS? Here are some highlights:

• Improved battery life up to 9 hours of internet surfing, 10 hours of video, 30 hours of audio, 12 hours of 2g talk-time, 5 hours of 3g talk-time.

• New camera! 3.0 megapixels, auto-focus, touch focus and video! API access for developers to create 3rd party applications.

• Camera switch lets you swap between photos and video mode 640×480 30FPS, VGA with audio, auto-focus, auto-white balance, auto-exposure, better low-light sensitivity as well, auto-macro — as close as 10cm away.

• Videos are stored in the library next to photos and are able to scrub and edit the footage.

• Share videos directly to YouTube, MobileMe, MMS, and email.

• Hold the home button for a second to access voice control interface. Make calls and play music.
• This is probably one of the coolest features for those who lose their iPhones all the time (like me) — Using mobileme, you’ll be able to send a text message to you phone, call it and ping it with sound to help you locate it. If that’s not enough, it’ll also give you GPS coordinates of where your phone is! If for some reason you can’t get to your phone quick enough and you don’t want someone to see what you’ve got in your phone (uh oh!) — there is an option to instant remote wipe all of the data so no one can start snooping on your secrets.

Yay for the new iPhone! Also the other highlight of the keynote this morning is that the Macbooks got a facelift! The 13″ Macbook has now joined the Macbook Pro family:

• 13-inch. Starts at $1199 (upgraded with Firewire and an SD card)
• 15-inch. Starts at $1699
• 17-inch. Starts at $2499hero-intro-20090608


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