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here are a few of their videos ! x Advertisements

Twitter Layouts


currently making new twitter layouts for – @behap***** {****} is up so that your twitter account i.d does not go out to everyone. want one ? comment here or email at ” ” or tweet me @dizzybunny ,

It’s been announced! The new iPhone 3GS (the “s” stands for speed) will be out June 19th so get ready everyone – copy & paste and video is here. So what else is new with the iPhone 3GS? Here are some highlights: • Improved battery life up to 9 hours of internet surfing, 10 hours […]

New Website???


ok, ive had a website since 2004, and been moving from free hosts to blogs and so on, and im getting pretty fed up of it too, so im going to search for a prof web deisgner , in html/xml/php/java script and flash 🙂 and ill get back to u on it , xxxxxxxxxx

Britney Deluxe


New Site


iya all, my stats on wordpress have fallen by 1,356 people only view , i forgot to put my old url up, im currently working on a new html layout for my site , which will have more things added on by the end of this november.

Question Me


•Question Me • want to ask me a question? go ahead, email your q’s to , and your post will be published within the 2 days of posting and ur answer will be there! – GO TO MY WORDPRESS BLOG FOR THIS AREA!

new site!


new website coming soon! x

Maths What?


I just had a maths exam and in my opinion I thought I was very hard but some questions where easy…SSSssssSSShhhhHHH!!! Im a bad blogger! Omg! I will today be posting my events up, have a good day buh bye now xxxxxx

R.E Exam


i did my R.E exam yesterday and it was hard!, i wrote 3 and a half pages, not much i know but ill have to wait and see for my results in august/september this year.