wow, well today i have an R.E (Religous Studies) Exam! its 1 hour and 30 mins long! so much revising to be doing, so im not going to be blogging anything much today, at this time, but good luck to everybody else who is also sitting their GCSE’s This week and up untill the end of june! GOOD LUCK TO ALL X


College Drama!


mmmmmm…..now what should i put here? lets seee, drama? what drama? anyway..im at college and very bored in lessons lol


dont forget that the britney vs kate ryan pic contest ends on the wednesday 14th May 2008! at 9pm GM (london time)



Iya welcome to my new blog!, i was currently fed up of making html sites so i found an easy option (like i always do lol) use a blogger! woohoo xxxxxxxxxxxxx enjoy! xx

Hello world!


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